Established in the spring of 2000 as one of Mt. Calvary’s ministries, the Bereavement Ministry of Presence has been used by many mountain residents and is a significant component to the Mt. Calvary outreach.

No matter what the circumstances, grief recovery is a painful process.  We understand how deeply grief and loss hurt people and families.

GriefShare is the cornerstone where many people have found that they can begin putting back their lives back together again. GriefShare is a class/support group offered to the mountain communities by Mt. Calvary to help people who are dealing with the death of a family member or friend.  There is no charge to attend.  The program consists of 10-13 sessions with a video dealing with all aspects of grief.  After viewing the video there is time for discussion.  GriefShare is ongoing and people can join at any session.  The program is completely confidential.  The group meets once a week.    This program is faith based; anyone who is grieving will benefit from the opportunity to meet with other people who are also sharing in the grief process.

“Grieving is the most painful work that human beings have to do…If we do not grieve, we stay frozen in pain, immobilized, our lives stopped where our loss left us.”

“Only by allowing yourself to grieve – …leaning into the pain – can you move toward a time and place where the pain does not consume you.”

Excerpts from: The Worst Loss, Barbara D Rosof, Owl Books, Henry Holt and Co., LLC