What does Mt. Calvary teach?

Our church is part of the Lutheran-Christian tradition. We focus on God’s grace. Even though we are people who do wrong every day, God still loves us and wants to forgive us and make us His children. God loves us so much that He sent us a Savior, Jesus Christ, to pay for the wrongs that we have done and open up the doors of heaven to us through faith in Him. We were made to live in a loving relationship with Him and each other for now and into eternity.

Am I welcome if I am not a Lutheran?

Yes, we have members and friends who have been part of many different religious traditions, Calvary Chapel, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, and Episcopalian. They find our mixture of solid Bible teaching and traditional values helpful to them in their Christian walk.

What are the worship services like?

Every service  has songs and hymns, a simple confession of sins, Bible readings, and confession of the ancient Christian faith, Bible message, offering, prayers and closing song.  While the basic framework of the services is the same, each is unique in its style and feel. The 8:00 AM service is an informal traditional service that begins with opening songs and hymns picked by the congregation. The 9:30 AM service is contemporary with Christian music accompanied by the Praise Team. The 11:00 AM service is our traditional Lutheran Service accompanied on the organ.

How do I dress?

Casual nice clothing is worn by most.

Are children welcome in worship?

Yes, they are always welcome. But if they are young, they might also enjoy going to Sunday School at 9:30 AM service or Children’s Church at 11:00 AM. We also have a nursery available at the 9:30 AM service.

Do you have activities for youth?

Yes, we have Jr. and Senior High youth programs. These groups meet weekly during the school year and participate in service projects, beach trips, retreats, and mission outreaches. Our Youth Director, Kim, keeps a busy schedule of activities and Christian growth for the youth.

Will anyone one embarrass me at church by making me stand up?

No. We have many visitors to our congregation and we try to greet them all with love and concern, but we do not do anything to draw attention to them during worship. However we might ‘mug’ you with a coffee cup filled with information on our church.

Tell me about your Pastor?

Rev. Randy Buecheler has been pastor of Mt. Calvary since 1997. He is active in the mountain community through Rotary International and as the head chaplain at Mountains Community Hospital.   He is a graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a native of Southern California.

How do I become a member?

Our church offers four new member classes a year.  These classes meet for several sessions and cover the basic teachings of the church. For new Christians special classes are offered that go through the basics of being a Christian and take a few more weeks. Call the church office for times. If you are an active member of another Lutheran Church, you can transfer your membership after meeting with the Pastor. For more information about the new member class click here.

If I am part of the ELCA will I see any differences?

Maybe, maybe not. Since we are the only Lutheran church in our area, we strive to welcome all Lutherans and make them feel comfortable.  Many of our Lutheran membership are from the ELCA and other church bodies.  They enjoy the Bible – based ministry we provide at Mt. Calvary.

Do I have to put a lot of money in the offering plate?

As a visitor we do not expect you to give anything during the offering. You are our guest for the service. We are just glad to have you worshiping with us. Please fill out the the “Welcome Card” in the service bulletin to let us know who you are and place it in the offering plate. Regular attenders and members are encouraged in percentage giving.

What are the sermons like?

Sermons are based each week on a text from the Bible. Our pastor takes the Bible text and explains what it means and then how we can apply it to our lives. Each Sunday you will hear about the life God wants us to live and the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins on the cross.

If you have any questions, give our pastor or church office a call, (909) 337-1412.